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Signia Cleaning Spray 30ml



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Signia Cleaning Spray 30ml

The signia cleaning spray has been especially formulated as a cleaning solution for the maintenance of hearing aids and earmolds.

It helps to remove earwax often responsible for the decrease in sound quality from the hearing aid without damaging the hearing aid components.

The plastic bottle contains 30ml of solution, the specific formulation of which is in accordance with environmental and health & safety standards.

The spray bottle is equipped with a valve, diffuser and a brush. The spray button features an anti-rotation function allowing comfortable use. 

Suggested use

For earmoulds/domes: Apply a light pressure to wet the bristles of the brush away from the hearing aid. Scrub with the brush to dissolve and remove earwax from the earmould or dome.

For the hearing aid: First wipe your hearing aid with a dry cloth. Spray the solution on a dry, soft cloth. Gently rub the slightly dampened cloth on the hearing aid until complete evaporation.

Be careful not to spray directly on the hearing aid.

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